Frequently Asked Questions

bullet Questions

1 - How do I register?
2 - Are we all naked?
3 - What if I get an erection?
4 - What if I don't get an erections?
5 - Is this Tantra or Tantric sex?
6 - Is this an orgy?
7 - Can we attend as a couple?
8 - What if I am attracted to a participant?
9 - What if I am not attracted to some participants?
10 - What can I expect during the workshop?

bullet Answers

1 - How do I register?
To register :
1. Please write us and include : the title of the workshop(s), your name and address. We will confirm your registration by email upon payment.

2. Mail a cheque payable to Mudraforce Yoga, e-Transfer (contact your bank for more info) or deliver cash to the studio. Please write us to drop by the studio.

Where: Please write me to know the location
When : Please write me to know the dates
Price : $120 (Early bird price of $90 if paid one month before the date of the workshop)

2 - Are we all naked?
Yes. Men who have sex with men have been persecuted, shamed and wounded about their sexuality and desires throught the ages. These workshops are about creating a human experience, man to man, body to body, soul to soul. It's about creating a heart connection that empowers us to take down barriers and become vulnerable and lay bare our vulnerability to another wounded man. It's in this place of openness that we learn how to be with ourselves and, as a result, with other men. As I am naked, so is he. This helps men shed off their inner barrriers so they can abandon themselves and discover, or rediscover themselves. "Being naked is a window to his soul."

3 - What if I get an erection?
Yo!Gars Plus is a space for men and everything that is to be male, including erections. As men, we have eretions either spontaneously or when stimulated though erotic play or even through shyness - it's a normal part of our nature. We encourage men to celbrate and be proud of their erections. The worst that can happen is that it's contagious and in a workshop like these, that is a good thing. We wish to create a space where our sexuality is something to behold, to cherish and to celebrate. The better question is "what do i do if i have an erection?" To which we would reply, "Put it to good use". Be clear in your intention and expand the arousal to your whole body, mind and soul. Rule it rather then let it rule you.

4 - What if I don't get an erection?
Erections are never required for any of the workshops or activities. All techniques apply to a flaccid penis which is equally a reason for pride and celebration. Men are invited to be as they are. The results and benefits of working through erotic touch on a flaccid penis is as pleasurable and as powerful to connecting the body, mind and soul as working with an erect penis. With less focus on "performance" and more focus on the whole experience, we lay way to create meaningful connections both physically, emotionally and soulfully.

5 - Is this Tantra or Tantric sex?
"Tan" means "tools" and "tra" means "expansion", together Tantra means "tools for expansion". There are a number of different rituals and practices of tantra, tantric sex, and tantric massage, and not always mutually consistent. It includes a wide variety of teachings, of which sexual rites are often only a small part and are used to enter into an ecstatic state.

Yo!Gars Plus includes elements and principles of Tantra. One of the many erotic rituals in Tantra is penis worship, from which emerged the “lingam”, or penis massage. The idea is to prolong the pleasure act over a long period of time and cultivate this energy for healing, better understanding of your inner self, learning how to receive pleasure and how to give pleasure to your partner plus a variety of other intensions. Combining breathing techniques, moving the body, using your voice and the “lingam” massage, we can enter into an altered state used to cultivate sexual energy in meaningful ways.

6 - Is this an orgy?
No. The workshops are not orgies as there are no “free-form” sexual activities. All activities are skillfully guided with clear parameters set by the facilitators and are designed to discover erotic energy either though intentional touch or surrendering into receiving touch. There is very limited reciprocity involved. It should be noted that we hold no judgement towards any form of sexual activity and even encourage men to explore the full spectrum of available activities in our community. For the purposes of these workshops, we choose to set some boundaries in order to create a safe space for all men and to invite men to experience eroticism in new and different ways.

7 - Can we attend as a couple?
Yes. Couples are welcome to either work as individuals in the group like all other participants or as a couple whereby erotic and intimate touch is shared with their partner only. While we strongly encourage participants to experience the workshop as individuals in the group, we understand and respect situations where a couple may prefer to explore the more intimate touch with their partner only. The definition of what is a couple is yours - it can be a one-day relationship or a 35 year relationship. Couples are to be determined at the time of registration only and may not be formed the day of the workshop.

8 - What if I am attracted to a participant?
Spontaneous and “first-sight” sexual or romantic attractions are normal. In the context of the workshops we invite men to take note of these feelings of attractions, breath into them and return their attention to the group as a whole. Acknowledging your attraction for another man to yourself and letting go for the duration of the workshop is a powerful way of keeping focus of your original intention.

9 - What if I am NOT attracted to some participants?
Men of all ages, sexual orientation, physical attributes and ethical background are welcome. The “matching” of partners during the exercises are typically done randomly and for relatively short periods of time. Sharing these experiences with someone that we feel is different than us or to whom we may not be attracted to offers an opportunity to open our hearts and it demonstrates compassion and respect for diversity - and this for what may be moments in the workshop and in our lives. It can be very inspirational. Ultimately, we are really more alike then different.

10 - What can I expect during the workshops?
The workshop are held in a safe space in an environment of trust, respect, discovery and playfulness.

In the workshops we:
- practice breath, movement, touch and sensual experience to go more deeply into our erotic self.
- awaken connection to ourselves, our body and our mind through pleasure
- emphasize freedom of choice about what we want more of in our erotic life
- discover our boundaries and begin to expand them
- practice authentic, attentive and intimate encounters with other men in a positive way

Each of the workshops respond to the unique needs of every man, their desires and their level of experiences with erotic bodywork. For further information, please write us and it will be our pleasure to answer.