Erotic Coaching

bullet Questions

1 - What is Erotic Coaching?
2 - What Erotic Coaching is not
3 - What's the Coaches role?
4 - What to expect at the first session
5 - What to expect in subsequent sessions?
6 - Possibe ideas for Erotic Coaching?
7 - Some possible benefits
8 - How do I prepare for an Erotic Coaching session?
9 - Erotic Coaching is for who?
10 - My availabilitiy
11 - Prices
12 - Resources

bullet Answers

1 - What is Erotic Coaching?
An Erotic Coaching session is a chance for you to learn more about your erotic body through powerful questions, exercises, massage techniques or other forms of bodywork. The sessions are created to bring you into the here and now to bridge the mind-body chasm.

Each session is designed according to your needs and explores your desires and to know yourself better. I invite your involvement into the experience to maximize the benefits. By bringing a clear intention to your experience, the session becomes profoundly personal on your path to discover your authentic self.

2 - What Erotic Coaching is not
Erotic Coaching is not a massage with a “Happy Ending” nor is it sex.  Erotic Coaching is not a single experience.  While Coaching is not a replacement for sex, therapy or medical treatment, it can be very therapeutic and enriching.

3 - What is the Coach's role?
The Coach is an extra pair of eyes to help you navigate parts of your life that may be a bit challenging. An Olympic athlete has a coach. Many strong businesses have a coach. The reality is that we cannot always see things as they are as a result of social conditioning, cultural conditioning, etc. and having those extra set of eyes can shed new light on old problems. A change of perspective can make all the difference.

4 - What to expect at the first session
The first session is a meeting for you to get to know me and me to get to know you. We will discuss your needs and the work that I am offering to help you meet your needs. This session will lay the foundation for the work in following sessions. It is to help you feel at ease as we embark on this journey together.  It gives you the chance to ask all of your questions and for me to explain in more detail the options that are available to you.  This meeting is important as it sets the foundation for our future meetings.

5 - What to expect in subsequent sessions?
After we agree to the terms set out in the first session, we will embark on a journey together to help you discover new and exciting ways of being erotically. These sessions are co-created with you bringing ideas and fantasies and me bringing ideas to the table of how to achieve your goals. Together we will develop a series of exercises through meditation, yoga and/or touch so you can discover new sensations, new emotions, and new ways of living your erotic life. Thinking of the sessions as a laboratory, we will practice and experience ways of being to help you explore a deeper sense of your true nature.

6 - Possible ideas for Erotic Coaching

• Low sexual desire
• Premature ejaculation
• Living with erectile dysfunction
• Learn to manage your erotic responses
• Becoming multi-orgasmic
• Learning to ask for what you want
• Dealing with sexual addiction
• Longer self pleasuring sessions
• Setting boundaries
• Recovering from addiction
• Recovering from sexual traumas

7 - Some possible benefits

• Feeling in control of your erotic life
• Connecting to your true erotic expression
• Becoming more confident in your erotic expressions
• Becoming a better, more present lover

8 - How do I prepare for a first session?
Simply make an appointment and show up. Why complicate things. Please note there are no same day appointments. Plan at least a week in advance.

9 - Erotic Coaching is for who?
Erotic Coaching is for anyone who wishes to understand his erotic responses. It is for individuals or for couples.

10 - My availability
I am available for Erotic Coaching weekday afternoons only and every other weekend.
Sessions are usually done in person and there is the option of having a session on Skype.

11 - Price
First visit 1 hr ........................ 85$
Subsequent visits 1 1/2 hr ..... 100$

12 - Resources
Here is a link with my recommended reading list.