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About Mudraforce Yoga


come together to explore our physical and spiritual selves

It is my desire to create a male oriented environment where we are free to be everything that entails manhood in a non-judgmental environment. Mudraforce Yoga is a space for like-minded men to come together and explore our physical and spiritual selves, cultivating fraternal awareness and consciousness.

There are several classes a week to choose from that offer a variety of challenges regardless of ability; from the slower paced introductory class that introduces the basic alignment principles in any practice, to the more vigorous practice where one can refine these principles to deepen body awareness, increase flexibility and build stamina. In addition to the basic alignment principles, emphasis is placed on working within your physical limitations. You are encouraged to make modifications for your body limitations. By respecting your limits, the mind calms, the body starts to function better, and the practice becomes all the more enjoyable. All classes include meditation, Pranayama (breath work), Asanas (postures), and relaxation.

The two words that form Mudraforce come from the Sanskrit word 'mudra' meaning a hand gesture that seals in an intention into the consciousness, and 'force', as in the life force - or prana - that flows through us. In essence I use the practice of yoga for setting intentions and sealing them into our consciousness. By paring away the layers of expectations and masks, we stay connected to our integrity and through the practice we seal that into our consciousness.

Why practice naked?
Undressing acts as a metaphor for shedding the masks we wear during our regular day. These masks act as barriers and prevent us from connecting our mind and body and from knowing our true nature. By peeling away these layers like layers from an onion, we begin to know our bodies, our soul and ourselves. By knowing ourselves we are able to maintain personal integrity and free ourselves from the fog that can easily cloud our perspective. There is freedom in knowing our true self and what better way to know ourselves then by exposing every part of our being to our community.